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Best Carbide - Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

Solid Carbide Routing Tools: Group 100

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Best Carbide Solid Carbide Routing Tools / Group 100

This product group features fast spiral (30º Helix) and slow spiral (20º Helix) down cut solid carbide routers in inch and in metric sizes.

Fast spiral down cut routers provide a superior work piece finish while slow spiral down cut routers are desirable for a more aggressive cutting action.

Both router styles can be made from universal and high performance carbide grades, featuring precise and consistent geometries, superior surface finishes and excellent concentricity for maximum performance and prolonged tool life. The routers are available in the following end cut configurations:

  • Bur End Cut
  • Drill Point Cut
  • End Mill Cut
  • Fish Tail Cut
  • Safe End

Common work piece materials are Composites, Graphite’s, Fiberglas, Plastics, Plexiglas, Puenolic, Nylon and Polycarbonate.

For added tool life and performance the routers are available with TiALN and Diamond coatings.

  • Fast Spiral Down Cut Routers, 30° Helix

    1. Bur End Cut Series 103-B

      BrochureBur End Cut
    2. Drill Point Cut Series 103-D

      BrochureDrill Point Cut
    3. End Mill Cut Series 103-E

      BrochureEnd Mill Cut
    4. Fish Tail Cut Series 103-F

      BrochureFish Tail Cut
    5. Safe End Series 103-S

      BrochureSafe End
  • Slow Spiral Down Cut Routers, 20° Helix

    1. Drill Point Cut Series 104-D

      BrochureDrill Point Cut
    2. End Mill Cut Series 104-E

      BrochureEnd Mill Cut
    3. Fish Tail Cut Series 104-F

      BrochureFish Tail Cut
    4. Safe End Series 104-S

      BrochureSafe End